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Look at a map of the Pacific Ocean and you will see that the Peninsula of Baja California is a unique piece of geography. Baja juts out into the Pacific and is exposed to storm generated swells that can come from the North Pacific in our winter and the South Pacific in their winter. The swell window for the Cape Region of Baja extends from approximately 300 degrees (Northwest) in winter all the way around the compass through South to approximately 130 degrees (Southeast) in summer. This is a huge area of ocean that extends all the way south to the icepack of Antarctica. Rosarito is one of the best places to come and have a great time on the waves, best of all the experience of the food, the people the weather and the long surf history we have make this town a great place to surf.

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Rosarito Inn Invites you to come enjoy the Surf

Bring your friends and stay together in a 1-4 Bedroom beach front condominiums centrally located with all the amenities you need to enjoy your time here. Browse these pages for more information on the surfing in Rosarito and all of the Baja California penninsula.

Here are four surfing networks that can give you additional resources in checking out the surf in Rosarito Beach.

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